After its successful convening, the Ennahdha movement incites against the parliament

The Tunisian state succeeded in completing its political map with the convening of the parliament and the selection of its president after the freezing of its activities for more than 18 months, amid a widespread Brotherhood attack towards the new parliament. This is in continuation of the campaigns that the movement uses to incite against the state. At the same time, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group launched media campaigns to incite foreign countries to interfere in the Tunisian affairs, alleging the presence of political arrests against its leaders.

Strike hard

A report from “Vision” network revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood received a strong blow in Tunisia after the Muslim Brotherhood movement dominated the state and parliament with its deceptive religious project that is against the national project of each country. The report pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood Renaissance Movement is responsible for the failure in Tunisia, and the failure of the group is not new to the history of the Arabs and Muslims, but it is a repetition of its backward and obscurantist positions that attract people to the bottom. We, as intellectuals, must apply today the voice of reason based on science and sobriety in order to get our peoples out of the swamp of backwardness to the civilization of development and distance from the politics of violence and backwardness.

Defeating the Brotherhood

Dr. Badrah Gaaloul, director of the National Center for Strategic Studies in Tunisia, says that the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia is a natural outcome because the people are developing rapidly and do not accept any change coming from this movement or others, because they lost all their cards in all parts of the world, and they have proven that they are the result of a phase of strategic weakness and the movements that came out of them are not able to build real and important development inside the country, because they were built on slogans only in their absence from political experiences related to the public and international reality.

The director of the National Center for Strategic Studies in Tunisia added: the return of the parliament represents a main pillar in the reform program started by the Tunisian president two years ago, especially that the Tunisian political reform is the important immunity that will prevent the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood Renaissance movement from re-infiltrating the Tunisian political component, and may explain this hostility and attack that the movement and its remnants support for the new parliament.

She continued: Tunisia got rid of the Brotherhood’s scheme forever, especially that the cancer of the Brotherhood, which has dominated the Arab mind for a century, has corrupted the political life in more than one Arab country, through their deceptive religious project that is against the national project of each country.

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