I’m Arabic, is an Arab information website with Arab eyes and it opens to everyone in the whole world

It’s interested in the news of the Arab world and the world news concerning the Arab world, according to a targeted media vision, based on the fact of keeping abreast of strategies and successful experiences in the field of the content of digital news

Credibility is our slogan and media blackout is our objective.

Dear followers for you, our team is working on the production of news content for 24 hours, reporting and visual supports, and providing news of the most important Arab and international events all the time and revealing the truth with sound and image.

The content we provide is divided into press articles, photos, infographics, and breaking news, and also the video which is an essential part in our work, as we publish entertainment, sport and art material, in addition to a paragraph from here and there, which is an area in which we open to the material for some other sites.

Welcome to your platform, I’m Arabic

Join us, interact to succeed together in reaching a better Arab community

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