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Please read the terms for I’m Arabic carefully
I’m Arabic will not be responsible for any reason, whatever the reason, that may result in downtime at any time or for any period of time.
Intellectual property rights for materials on the I’m Arabic website
I’m Arabic is the owner and licensee of all intellectual property rights (including the right to copy) in all materials, anthologies on the site, as well as the arrangement and display of all materials on the site. , including general dimension information
Only I’m Arabic has the right to authorize the use of any part of the material and videos it contains, or to copy or republish it on other sites
No publication (whether an article, video or graphic information), is processed or commented on in a way that affects or distorts its content, or in a way that violates any principle.
If an element of this site has been distorted or altered in its content, or commented on for hostile or non-dignity purposes, or violates the ethics of discussion, or contradicts the right to the presumption of innocence, or practice defamation or extortion, the author of these acts is subject to judicial follow-up, either by the I’m Arabic site, or by any party who considers himself aggrieved according to the laws in force
If you use an article in a way that is not authorized by I’m Arabic, it has all the rights to seek its rights in accordance with all available laws
I’m Arabic disclaims its legal and moral responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the article presented to it and does not provide any guarantee or warning regarding its authenticity
The site opens to copy certain elements from other sites by mentioning this in the article
The terms of this policy are subject to the development and modification of the content at any time we deem necessary.

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