Al-Burhan is driving Sudan to become a stage for Iranian and Brotherhood influence

All the evils begin with the group of Brotherhood (the Kizans), and end up with them, those (people) who imposed their total control over the army leadership, and pushed the trio (the Marh) into war to arrest them within the general command and the engineer corps and impose their dominance over them.

Since his escape from his hideout at the general command, after 4 months and 10 days; the man (the ghost) has continued to strike the ground in search of potential allies among those he refers to (the servants of the Kizans), but his efforts have miserably failed and his (actions) have been thwarted, for after each foreign visit he returns to the country blamed and broken.

The Kizans thought and evaluated, they looked at Egypt according to their estimates, not wanting democracy nearby, so they can exploit it to promote the military rule they love and (die for), but they also fear the betrayal of the Brotherhood, and do not forget how they deceived it by supporting their coup in 1989, then betraying it and attempting to assassinate its president in Addis Ababa, and they continued to mock and ridicule it, repeating in their councils that Egyptian governments are the most susceptible to deception.


Egypt took heed, and hesitated a little, so they ordered al-Buhan to leave for Turkey, and the envoys returned, but they claimed he had obtained drones (Bayraktar) and that the end of rapid support was nearing, and we are still waiting for Turkey to honor by sending the Bayraktar to the besieged men. When the criminal Brotherhood failed to promote al-Burhan as a neutral army commander, the doors closed in front of him, and he found no external welcome to restore to him some of his lost legitimacy after the October 2021 coup, so the Brotherhood anticipated the future of what it planned, and shouted to Iran.

But this will not happen, all of you. The relationship between Islamists (the Brotherhood) and Iran is old and deep, and there was a strong Shiite current within the organization of the National Islamic Front that organized the 1989 coup, but the greatest common denominator of this relationship was one word and one act (terrorism). In the next episode of the article – where we will explain how al-Burhan was drawn into the (Am Zirid) society related to terrorism.

Iran and Sudan

Now, al-Burhan has fallen into the evil (of his terrorism), wanting by an order from the Kizans to obtain weapons from Iran and although negotiations between them are ongoing, it is likely that they will retreat and back down after the events in Gaza, and for the latter, there are stories and narratives concerning our article and concerning the Kizans, so: the Kizans turn to Tehran whenever circumstances oppress them and they lose their external relations with all countries, and they are skilled at this by their psychological and ideological nature.

Restoring relations with Tehran, widely believed in the West and the United States, that what is happening in Gaza now is the work of the hands of the Qom mullahs, and that their imprint is clear, and therefore any relationship with Iran at this time will undoubtedly be losing, especially since the history of Sudanese-Iranian relations is closely linked to arms smuggling that is assembled and manufactured at the Yarmouk (Iranian) factory belonging to the War Manufacturing Authority – one of the arms of the Islamists in the army – and which is now under the control of the Rapid Support Forces.

The Kizan government has continued to smuggle weapons to the Palestinian Hamas movement (Brotherhood) through Sudanese and foreign smugglers, so Israel had no choice but to strike them with missiles launched from planes, since 2009, Israel has conducted several attacks on the coastal city of Port Sudan, from where smuggling operations originate, and succeeded in April 2011 in killing the main smuggler; “Issa Haddab”, who survived the 2009 attack targeting a weapons smuggling convoy and in which 119 people were killed, most of them Sudanese.

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