Analysts Reveal France’s Stringent Measures to Confront the Brotherhood Threat in France

Currently, France faces significant challenges in dealing with the Brotherhood, which seeks to create a parallel society separate from French values and principles. The Brotherhood propagates hate speech, extremism, and violence, attracting French youth of Arab and Islamic origins to radical elements capable of carrying out terrorist attacks within France.

Dismantling the Brotherhood Network

The French government continues to implement measures against the Brotherhood, aiming to weaken their role in France, especially after their infiltration into all aspects of life, causing significant concern.

Among the files that the National Rally party announced it would address upon assuming government leadership is the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in the European country. During a televised debate, National Rally leader Jordan Bardella announced his intention to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in France once in government.

Thwarting Terrorism Attempts

In this regard, political science professor Dr. Hassan Salama said that the Brotherhood in France has begun to exploit a large number of recruited youth to carry out terrorist operations. However, each time, the French government manages to thwart these attempts, and investigations reveal that these youth are either affiliated with the Brotherhood or the terrorist organization ISIS.

He added that France has a large number of Arab youth, especially from North African countries, many of whom face difficult lives there. The Brotherhood exploits these hardships to assist and attempt to recruit them, and indeed, many youths fall into their trap.

The political science professor explained that the French government is beginning to sense the threat posed by the group and its suspicious activities, and has taken numerous security and legal measures to protect society, including tightening mosque sermons and oversight of imams.

Strict Measures

Meanwhile, the director of the French Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Aqeela Dabishi, said that France has adopted several levels in recent periods to confront the threats posed by the Brotherhood group to the country.

She emphasized that among these measures, efforts have been made to curb the Brotherhood‘s ideology of hate in Europe, by banning extremist organizations affiliated with the extremist group in France and besieging them.

The director of the French Center for Strategic and International Studies explained that among the decisions made by France are laws that make it harder to obtain residence permits and visas for foreigners, especially suspects, as well as laws to monitor terrorists, such as those passed by the French National Assembly, a bill allowing judicial authorities to monitor those who have been convicted of terrorism for more than five years after their release from prison.

Dabishi stressed that the terrorist acts that have occurred in Europe recently have prompted European governments, including France, to work through several stages to combat the group, notably by dismantling the ideology and surrounding its area of extension with all cultural, educational, media, and security tools.

Threat to France

In the same context, the expert on Islamic group affairs in Cairo, Dr. Mostafa Amin, said that France is following Austria’s path in confronting the Brotherhood, fearing terrorist operations occurring in Europe. He added that Paris is determined to confront the organization out of fear of terrorist threats and increasing extremism.

He added that reports from French security agencies have noted the spread of signs of extremism in several French cities, linking these reports to the spread of political Islam, a point also emphasized by the French Senate, which called on state leaders to be more vigilant against the Brotherhood’s threat, explaining that classifying the Brotherhood group as a terrorist organization in France and Europe has not yet occurred, although what is being said behind the scenes and intelligence services indicates that this step has been taken at the European level.

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