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Analysts Reveal Terror Group’s Schemes to Return to the Scene Through Gaza Events

Analysts have uncovered the plans of the terror group to return to the forefront through ongoing events in Palestine to strengthen its influence, spread its ideology, and achieve maximum political gains serving its own interests and foreign agenda, against which several Egyptian politicians and experts have warned.

Exploiting the War

Political analyses converge on the point that the group is trying – through its movements over the past few months – to exploit the events of the Gaza war to achieve political gains, once again dominate the scene in Arab streets, and play various roles on the Middle East stage.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has implicitly acknowledged that it is in contact with the Hamas movement to coordinate the ongoing street movements and protests in areas adjacent to the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Youth Recruitment

Maher Farghaly, a researcher in terrorist movement affairs, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has been seeking since October 7th to reorganize by recruiting youth to spread their ideology and promote it to achieve maximum benefit amid the current crisis, affirming that the terrorist group’s strategy is to outbid the official positions of the Egyptian state.

He emphasized that the group seeks to attract supporters and sympathizers through escalating media campaigns and mass appeals, relying on stirring up emotions and nationalism among the masses, and exploiting sensitive issues to strengthen its presence and sway public opinion toward its demands and agenda.

He also pointed out that the group’s current goal is to return to Arab streets in general and Egyptian streets in particular, noting that this goal is achieved through their activity in Palestine, where they have many dormant cells, besides constantly seeking to tarnish the image of the Egyptian state with every step they take.

Chaos Incitement

Meanwhile, political science professor Reda Farhat stated that the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group and agitating currents are trying to exploit the events in Gaza to achieve their own gains, especially by attempting to score political points and bolster their own agenda.

In an exclusive statement, he emphasized that the Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of using crises and conflicts to achieve their own interests and portray themselves as the defenders of the Palestinian cause and the only true heroes of the Arab world.

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