Arab experts: There can be no tolerance for Sweden allowing the burning of Qurans.

Arab experts emphasize that there can be no tolerance for Sweden allowing the burning of Qurans.

There has been severe international and Arab condemnation after the Swedish authorities allowed a Syrian extremist to burn a copy of the Noble Quran in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. The condemnation came after the Swedish authorities stated that in a move that may hinder Sweden’s efforts to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), they granted permission for a Syrian refugee named Ahmed Alloosh to burn copies of the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran in a gathering where three individuals intended to burn copies of the Bible and the Torah in front of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm, an act that immediately sparked Israeli condemnation.

The Swedish police, in contact with the French Press Agency, stated that permission was not granted based on an official request to burn religious books, but rather on the basis of organizing a public gathering where freedom of expression rights are exercised.

Insulting sacred texts is unacceptable.

According to Saudi political science professor Manif Al-Malafakh, the recent events of burning the Holy Quran within European countries are unjustified and constitute an affront to the sanctities of Muslims. This has been repeatedly happening in several European countries.

Al-Malafakh added that the Islamic world has always expressed its disapproval of such events. The problem lies in linking these events to freedom of opinion and expression. When sacred texts are targeted, it becomes an unacceptable matter. The Islamic world is deeply concerned about this issue, and there are genuine efforts to condemn any actions or behaviors that violate sanctities.

Al-Malafakh continued, “What has happened in several European countries, including Denmark, France, and Sweden, requires a clear and explicit stance in response to pressures from the Islamic world.”

Regarding the Syrian refugee’s burning of the Quran, Al-Malafakh stated that even if it was an incomplete version, it does not justify his action. It was supposed to burn the missing parts or the incomplete version, as he claims, away from provoking the feelings of Muslims and away from public attention. In my opinion, the Islamic world is required to confront these campaigns, whether it is in the war against the Holy Quran or the assault on the position of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

A humiliating matter for Arabs.

Mukhtar Ghabashi, Deputy Director of the Arab Center for Strategic Studies, says, “Unfortunately, what we see of an Iraqi immigrant burning the Quran in Sweden, then a Syrian immigrant repeating the same act in another place, is a humiliating matter for the Arab and Islamic world.”

He added : The issue of refugees and displaced people should have been addressed in the Arab world, considering that Iraq is Arab, Syria is Arab, Libya is Arab, Lebanon is Arab, and Sudan is Arab. However, leaving these people to the pressures exerted on them by the Western world, extremists, or global Zionism is extremely dangerous. Giving rights or inciting such Syrian or Iraqi immigrants, who have no refuge except in this country, to burn the Quran, is a disgraceful and humiliating act. We hope it does not recur, and we hope that the Arab and Islamic world addresses this sin and this crisis, which has been exploited by major regional and international powers, as happened in Turkey, where they took advantage of refugees and displaced people to blackmail the Western world and the United States, with the blackmail reaching the point of granting Turkey 3 million euros in this context.

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