Berlin…Protestations against some measures imposed in Germany to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Thousands of demonstrators protested in Berlin on Saturday against some proceeding imposed in Germany to stem the coronavirus pandemic, because of these measures violated the rights of people and freedoms.

The manifestation which is estimated by police at 15,000, included libertarians, constitutional loyalists, and skeptics of the science behind policies to fight the pandemic. In this event, there was also the presence of small far-right with certain marchers carrying the imperial flag of Germany.

Some protesters danced and sang: We are free people! with the tune of rock band Queen’s: We will Rock You. While others marched with placards saying: We are making a noise because you are stealing our freedom! And do think! Don’t wear a mask!.

The protests in this manifestation followed a call from Michael Ballweg, an entrepreneur, and political outsider and who has organized similar rallies in Stuttgart and is moving to become mayor of the southwestern city.

One protester who refused to give his name said: Our demand is to return to democracy, the mask that enslaves us must go. And he wasn’t wearing a face mask like a lot of protesters

It’s noted that Germany has been less seriously touched than certain other European countries, with more than 200,000 people infected by COVID-19 and almost 1,000 death. And this after initial success in control infections, they are starting to increase again.

Many people have respected measures such as wearing face masks in shops, whereas the government has just imposed obligatory tests for holidaymakers returning from the areas with a high-risk.

However; a vocal minority is angry against the restrictions, and said that they are destroying the diversity of thought and causing social and economic harm.

The protester Peter Konz said: Only a few scientists around the world who follow the government’s lead are heard. Those who have different views are silenced, censored or discredited as defenders of conspiracy theories.

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