Classification of the Houthi militia as a foreign terrorist group

Washington announced the classification of Houthi militia as terrorist group
and the introduction of three of its leaders on terrorism lists
They are;
Abdul Malik Al Houthi, Abdul Khaliq Al Houthi and Abdullah Yahya Al Hakim
What does this classification mean for the pro-Iran group?
From the moment that Washington officially announced the Houthis as a terrorist group
members of these militias and their associates woul be barred from entering the United States
and Washington is authorized to impose restrictions on the economic and financial activity of the militias
and freeze its assets in the United States if they exist
and thus criminalize the financing of Americans to militias
which would prohibit American banks from any financial transaction by the militias
Indeed, the American decision to punish the Houthis responsible for their terrorist acts
While at the national level,
this group has committed all types of terrorist crimes
noting the murder, kidnapping, torture and displacement of thousands of Yemenis
According to official Yemeni statistics,
Houthi militia exploded 898 homes, private property and a public facility
with 753 houses, 45 mosques, coranic houses, 36 schools and educational establishments
and transformed 160 mosques into military places and rest homes for their members
At the end of last December, the militia also exploded the Aden airport in southern Yemen
which killed and wounded 135 civilians journalists and employees of the International Red Cross
and the classification of the Houthis as a terrorist group was a formal and popular demand of Yemen

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