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Diplomatic source: Macron threatens to impose sanctions on Lebanon figures

According to a diplomatic source, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron has threatened to impose sanctions on several political officials in Lebanon, as well as former foreign minister Gebran Bassil.

The diplomatic source affirmed that sanctions would implicate France to retain any funds stored outside and interdict the issuing of visas on sanctioned officials, and The same source added that the possible sanctions would include Sunni and Christian Lebanese figures, not only Shia ones.

This new information on potential sanctions comes after the recent visit of Macron to Beirut a cause of the horrible explosion that happened on the port of the Lebanese capital last Tuesday and which killed almost 158 people and destroyed a large part of the city.

The diplomatic source declared that Macron met with the president of the Lebanese parties, and telling them that corruption must stop, he added that Macron gave a three-week period to Lebanese figures to reach a new political compact and form a government of experts, and he asked representatives of civil society that he met to also present alternative solutions. He also confirmed that Macron will return within three weeks during the first of September, and according to the assessment of the situation, would decide on the next steps to be taken.

Otherwise, protesters throw rocks at security forces blocking a road near on the parliament of Lebanon on Sunday in the second day of protests against the government after a big blast last on Tuesday that killed dozens of people and wounded thousands.

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