Disappointment prompts Qatar to launch campaign to depreciate Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation

Qatari media launched a social media
a strong attack on Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General “Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf”
after Qatari leaders disappointed
after Al-Hajraf’s recent visit to Doha
The reason is that the visit aimed at informing Qatar of the decision of the Cooperation Council
to launch an official anti-dumping investigation against the Council’s imports of aluminum alloys
at a time when Doha excepted going into the details of a political initiative or propose mediation
to resolve its crisis with the countries that boycott
especially within the rapid developments after the two peace deals with Israel.
The Qatari campaign faced condemnation and disapproval
Fahad Dibaji, Saudi political analyst:
“Qatar’s attack on Gulf Cooperation Secretary General Nayef Al-Hajraf is the result of Qatar’s political failure after having their hopes and aspirations which will only be realized by going to Riyadh”.
Khaled Al-Zaatar, Saudi political analyst.
“Qatar is a spy working for the Iranians and the Turks, it must be expelled from the Gulf Cooperation Council”
Ali Khalifa, Emirati journalist :
“An unwarranted campaign launched by the Qatari media against Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf, in parallel with the coordination of a childish attack with Qatari government-backed accounts on social networks”.

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