Erdogan Palace for rent in an exchange for Justice and Development Party membership

“Join the Justice and Development Party and take the opportunity to spend a day in the Presidential Complex in the capital, Ankara”
is an idea proposed by one of the branches of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey
in the city of Rize, the capital of the state of Risa, in the north of the country
to reduce the large divisions that the party is experiencing,
after the local elections in which it failed to keep the municipalities
and the most recent was in September 6, when 220 members
of the party branch of Mersin city resigned
and this was indeed preceded by the resignation of 56 party members on August 18
and they joining the opposition party Al-Khair directed by Miral Akshinar
in addition to more than dozens of resignations in recent months.
So this statement has been greatly disapproved and is not accepted.
Saltoq Deniz, chef de la branche d’opposition CHP :
Saltoq Deniz, head of the opposition CHP branch:
“Regarding the visit to the palace, and with which the ruling party is trying to attract citizens, we say that if the Republican people come to power, they will make this palace open to the public”.
A number of the city condemned this statement
because it contradicts the statements of Erdogan that the palace belongs to the people.
Will this new trick limit the continued fallout of Erdogan’s party?

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