Expert in Terrorist Groups Affairs: The Muslim Brotherhood Uses Organizations to Prepare False Reports Against States

The terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, has sought to control the human rights file and civil society organizations, especially with the decline of political Islam in many countries, and the failure of the “Hassan el-Banna” project in a central country like Egypt, which made it a matter of great concern. It began planning to penetrate the organizations concerned, in order to hinder the targeted states, block their economic movements, and trap their authorities, through media smear campaigns and conveying distorted images about them.

Infiltration Plan

The Muslim Brotherhood planned to infiltrate human rights organizations, especially those in America and Europe. They presented themselves to the global public as defenders of human rights or oppressed political opponents. Despite the noticeable decline in global interest in the human rights issue by decision-makers worldwide, most Western populations continue to be strongly attracted to discussing this issue and supporting its advocates.

Muslim Brotherhood‘s Plan

Maher Farghali, a specialist in terrorist groups, said: “The Muslim Brotherhood worked on infiltrating human rights organizations and used six tactics to encircle them: establishing organizations that are subject to them and not affiliated with them, infiltrating through an element of their members, blackmailing the organizations with their alleged historical victimization, weaving relationships with their founders and managers, allowing the passage of information they wish to convey to the public, and intensive participation of their members in international human rights meetings, whether at the UN Human Rights Council, or organizing meetings with members of the US Congress or the European Parliament, and providing funding for the activities of some of these organizations in order to control their work agenda.”

He added – in a statement -: “The group criticized targeted political regimes through false human rights statements and reports, followed by international condemnations or warnings, then initiated a systematic media smear campaign, highlighting media and organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that wear a false mask of human rights defenders against Arab states, and work to destabilize their stability.”

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