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Fatah Launches a Sharp Attack on Hamas… Statement

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) has launched a fierce attack on the Hamas movement, criticizing its decision to appoint a prime minister and assign him to assist in reforming the Palestinian Authority and rebuilding Gaza, accusing it of causing Israel’s reoccupation of the Gaza Strip.

Fatah stated that those responsible for Israel’s reoccupation of the Gaza Strip, and the catastrophe experienced by the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, have no right to dictate national priorities, affirming that the real disconnect from reality and from the Palestinian people is the leadership of Hamas, which has not yet grasped the magnitude of the disaster experienced by our oppressed people in Gaza and in the rest of the Palestinian territories.

In a statement carried by the Wafa news agency, Fatah expressed its surprise and condemnation of Hamas‘ talk of uniqueness and division, questioning whether Hamas consulted the Palestinian leadership or any Palestinian national party when it made its decision to embark on the adventure of October 7th last year, which led to a catastrophe more severe and cruel than the catastrophe of 1948.

Did Hamas consult the Palestinian leadership while it is currently negotiating with Israel, making concession after concession, with no goal other than to receive assurances for its personal security, and attempting to reach an agreement with Netanyahu again to maintain its divisive role in Gaza and the Palestinian arena? The question is: Did Hamas consult anyone when it carried out its black coup against Palestinian national legitimacy in 2007, and rejected all initiatives to end the division?

Fatah affirmed that it is the right of President Mahmoud Abbas, under the Basic Law, to do everything in the interest of the Palestinian people, confirming that the President’s appointment of Dr. Mohammed Mustafa falls within the framework of the President’s political and legal responsibilities, and that the priorities set out in the appointment letter are the priorities of the Palestinian people.

Every rational person not disconnected from his people and from the reality of the terrible tragedy experienced by our people suffering from great injustice in Gaza recognizes this, affirming that the priority of all Palestinians today is to immediately stop the war, prevent displacement, relieve our afflicted people, rebuild Gaza, end the division, and reunify the Palestinian homeland, as Hamas indicated in its statement today that these are not its priorities.

Fatah affirmed that Prime Minister-designate Dr. Mohammed Mustafa is armed with national agendas, not with false agendas that have only brought calamities to the Palestinian people and have not achieved a single accomplishment. Fatah wondered whether Hamas wants us to appoint a Prime Minister from Iran, or whether it wants Tehran to appoint one for us?

Fatah criticized the actions and practices of the Hamas leadership and its behavior towards the genocide war, indicating that apparently, the prosperity enjoyed by this leadership in 7-star hotels has blinded it to what is right, asking: Why do most Hamas leaders live abroad, and why did they flee, leaving their families and leaving the Palestinian people to face the brutal genocide war without any protection?

Fatah called on the Hamas leadership to stop its policy tied to external agendas, and return to the national ranks in order to stop the war, save our people and our cause from liquidation, alleviate the suffering of our people, rebuild Gaza, and ultimately completely withdraw from the land of the State of Palestine and its capital, Jerusalem.

Hamas criticized President Abbas’ decision to appoint one of his allies as Prime Minister, describing it as a “personal” decision, despite its recent participation in a meeting in Moscow, where Fatah also participated, to end the long-standing divisions that undermine the political aspirations of the Palestinians.

Hamas said in a statement carried by Reuters: “In light of the Palestinian Authority’s insistence on continuing its policy of uniqueness, and dismissing all national efforts to reunite the Palestinian ranks, and unite in confronting the aggression against our people, we express our rejection of the continuation of this approach that has harmed and continues to harm our people and our national cause.”

It added: “Making individual decisions, and being preoccupied with formal and empty steps, such as forming a new government without national consensus, is a reinforcement of the policy of uniqueness and a deepening of division.”

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