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French Newspaper: Hezbollah Possesses “More Complex” Tunnels Than Gaza

A recent report by the French newspaper “Libération” reveals that Hezbollah possesses “more complex” tunnels than those in Gaza, in Lebanon, and that the Lebanese Hezbollah militia has a network of secret tunnels more advanced than those of Hamas in Gaza.

According to the newspaper, the Lebanese militia owns tunnels hundreds of kilometers long, with branches reaching Israel and possibly even further into Syria.

The government in Tel Aviv believes that there are Hezbollah tunnels along the northern border, reaching the Galilee Hospital in the city of Nahariya, located on Israel’s northern coast.

Several months ago, after complaints from the administration of the Nahariya Medical Center about digging noises, the Israeli army conducted a series of ground tests to dismiss the fear of a tunnel connecting Lebanon to the mentioned hospital.

The newspaper “Israel Hayom” revealed that Israeli authorities had conducted over 40 digging operations more than a month ago for testing purposes, but these tests yielded nothing, according to the newspaper. Consequently, suspicions of tunnels in the hospital area were ruled out.

The newspaper points out that the Galilee Hospital in Nahariya is geographically the closest hospital to the northern border with Lebanon, only about 10 km away, noting that initial reports on the subject of tunnel suspicions were received in December of last year.

It added: “This is a facility that existed even before the 2006 Lebanon War and was the first in Israel to have such a plan.”

With the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza, the Hebrew newspaper “Jerusalem Post” said there were concerns about the threat of Hezbollah tunnels once again. It emphasized that “Hezbollah has extensive experience in digging underground tunnels,” noting that “the Hamas tunnels turned out to be much larger and more extensive than initially thought.”

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