Gaddafi’s leaks and Clinton’s letters reveal the role of Qatar’s ruin in region

An audio recording of the former emir of Qatar with Gaddafi
There is now a change
It only takes time
And Saad Al-Faqih program goes into effect in Saudi Arabia
In a number of mosques where they are meeting
the numbers are doubling, that is sure
We don’t are in the calm that you think
We created the Al-Hiwar channel in London
And also enhance the Al Jadeed channel in Lebanon
The Hillary Clinton letters
that have recently revealed
Have added more credibility
To all the information about the
role of the administration of US President Barack Obama
And also coordination with Qatar,
the Muslim Brotherhood
And Mouammar Kadhafi
To spread the chaos
in the Arab region,
Especially in Saudi Arabia
Leaked audio of Hamad bin Jassim with Gaddafi
They are stronger than Saudi Arabia, we well understand this subject
And then we got a feeling that you couldn’t relax towards this group
And we must have a power to scare them
And we can’t create this force
Therefore Qatar tried
to produce chaos
By supporting the
Muslim Brotherhood
And by directing its media arm,
“Al-Jazeera, against the Arabs
To incite, lie and
falsify the real facts
and quietly encourage internal movements
Our interest is to tranquilly support these movements
because it’s a matter of time
and as I said before
If the God gave us an age of 12
I highly doubt you will see Saudi family.

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