Germany ban the activities of the Lebanese Hezbollah

As soon as Germany last year completely banned Hezbollah’s activities on its territory and banned the raising of its slogans and banners, any activity related to the Iranian affiliate was closely monitored.

The terrorist party is still trying to find any loophole for activity in Germany, and to make millions of euros in donations as before.

The latest of these attempts was to establish Hezbollah-linked elements – a cultural association that runs a Shia mosque in the western German city of Bad Oeynhausen – but security authorities were on the lookout.

Hezbollah-linked elements run the organization, similar to religious associations behind which Lebanese militias made millions of donations, ultimately to finance military activities in the region, in implementation of an expansionist Iranian agenda.

As the German media described it, the new organization is painted from the inside in white and includes a men’s and women’s prayer rooms.

However, the Constitutional Protection Authority (Internal Intelligence) monitored the move and placed the association and its members under surveillance.

German intelligence usually puts institutions and individuals it deems to be a threat to security under its surveillance.

Germany announced on April 30, 2020 that Hezbollah was completely banned on its territory, including the suspension of the group’s activities and the removal of its symbols, banners and slogans in the entire territory of the European country.

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