Germany: Parliament recommended banning the Brotherhood and confiscating its funds

A conference held by a group of politicians, diplomats and writers in Berlin recommended that the German parliament should adopt urgent measures to ban the Muslim Brotherhood organization, confiscate all its funds and track down its sources of funding.

The conference, held in the German capital and attended by a prominent group of writers and researchers, discussed the topic: “Islamism and Europe: Understanding the Dynamics of Political Islam toward Policy Developments and the Appropriate European Approach,” coordinated by the Levent Publishing and Studies Foundation and the German Diplomatic Institute, highlights the significant threat posed by the growth of terrorist organizations in the Western world and specifically Europe.

In a statement, the managing editor of the Levent Foundation, Shiyar Khalil, said that the Brotherhood organization is one of the organizations that Europe and the world must take full care of as a result of its penetration into institutions and organizations, specifically in Europe under the cover of civil society.

He explained that the Levent Foundation in Berlin, in cooperation with the German Diplomatic Institute, organized the conference to explain these risks to Germans and Europeans, to make recommendations to the German parliament, and to demand the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood and the setting of new standards in the fight against Islamic extremism.

The conference also stressed the need to monitor funding sources that enter mosques and religious centers in Germany because they are used in other directions to strengthen the group, and to enact laws to fight political Islam and the Brotherhood in Germany, as in other EU countries, Khalil said.

‎In a letter to the German parliament and new government, the conference recommended enacting laws to reduce the threat of the Brotherhood in Germany and to protect liberal Muslims, at the same time protecting German society. It also called for banning the Brotherhood and setting new standards in the fight against religious extremism. The Austrian House of Representatives recently passed a law targeting the activities of the Islamic State and the Brotherhood, monitoring the sources of funding that enter mosques in Germany, and asking imams who lead religious rites in the country to register with the government.

During the conference, Michael Labbach, a German anti-extremism strategist, security expert and expert on political Islam, addressed the ideological origins of Brotherhood groups in Europe and why they pose a threat to all, while discussing the strategy and aspirations of the Brothers in Europe and the financial support they provide to the Brothers through foreign channels.

Labbach pointed to the danger the organization poses to Europe and the Arab world, discussing and proposing famous names for the Muslim Brotherhood, including al-Qaradawi and his relationship with Qatar and the research centers and universities in Qatar.

He also touched on the personality of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, as well as the most famous Muslim Brotherhood figure in France, Tariq Ramadan, and their role in serving the Muslim Brotherhood project internationally.

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