Human rights report shows wide Houthi violations in Dhamar

Yemeni human rights organization “Musawa” documented in a report
2,313 violations committed by the rebel Houthi militia in 2020
against civilians in the governorate of Dhamar in the center of the country,
The violations committed were distributed between individual and collective,
and attacks on public and private property
The report also showed 874 cases of violation
that were distributed between 16 cases of murder with intent and 3 cases of torture to death
with 28 cases of wounds and attempted killing
besides 9 cases of executions outside the context of the law
and 94 cases of torture in prisons,
41 cases of offensive against physical integrity
and 5 cases of rape and forced prostitution
The cases of arbitrary detention in the governorate have reached 426
Also, the report indicated 1,179 cases of massive violations
that were distributed on 420 cases of use of historical cultural and religious objects
to diffuse the racist speech of the Houthis and use it for mobilization and recruitment
24 cases of attack on educational institutions
and 32 cases of emergency stealing and preventing the work of the organizations
and 408 cases of detainees deprived of their rights in detention centers and prisons
The report also documented 313 cases of child recruitment in the governorate
with 259 cases of attacks on public and private property
that were distributed between 18 cases of attacks on villages
and 42 cases of house raiding and 7 cases of house stealing
The Musawa organization confirms that the crimes in its report
do not include all Houthi violations
but they just included violations that its teams in the field reach only its victims

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