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Irak – Al-Kadhimi Accuses Parties of Trying to Implicate His Government in Blood and Corruption

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi called Monday for a new round of dialog to resolve the crisis of forming a new government, accusing political parties of “obstructing the work of the caretaker cabin”.

Speaking on the anniversary of the departure of former President Jalal Talabani during a visit to Erbil, Al-Kadhimi said, “This government has endured many difficult and exceptional circumstances, including fabrication and forgery, as a proxy for false accusations, in order to gain gains here or there, which is contrary to all values.”

“We are doing what our national, moral and humanitarian duty dictates for the sake of our great Iraq, which was the cradle of human civilization,” he said, adding that “this government wants to be involved in blood and keep silent about suspicious deals and described robberies, so that any party here or there will be satisfied with it.”

“This government was wanted by some as a bridge to get through some stage, without real change,” he said… Yes, I say this frankly, and for history, there are those who wanted this government to suppress the voices calling for the minimum rights, and to be a tool in their hands, but they failed, and they only put obstacles in front of it in order to thwart it by all means.”

On the current political crisis, Al-Kadhimi emphasized “the need to return to the national dialog table, which is inclusive of all Iraqis, to put together our concerns, discuss our differences, and put solutions based on common interests.”

“Iraq, the people of Iraq, and the interests of Iraqis are the goals that must be before us all, and the goal that everyone must advance to the national dialog table,” the prime minister said. National agreement on the basis of deep Iraqi commonalities, and the national values that are deeply ingrained in our country, are not difficult or impossible. “Iraqis were able to reintroduce themselves to the world in a way that befits them and their history. Today, they can formulate a solution that preserves the future of their country and the future of their children.”

The country is living through the worst political crisis in Iraq’s history since 2003. It emerged on the scene after the early legislative elections last October and escalated over the past few days to the armed clash between the parties recently.

Attempts to bring together and dialog initiatives between the parties to the conflict within the coordination framework and the movement have been launched by Government, political forces and domestic and international actors but have all failed.

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