Iran repeat its call to US for lifting all sanctions imposed by Trump

On Friday, and after an offer for discussions from new President Joe Biden’s administration, Iran renewed its appeal for the US to lift all sanctions imposed by former president Donald Trump.

On his part, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet that Iran would immediately reverse its retaliatory procedures if the US unconditionally & effectively lifts all sanctions imposed, re-imposed or re-labelled by Trump.

He also stated that Iran accepted the Biden administration’s decision to reverse the widely discredited allege by its predecessor that the UN had imposed new nuclear sanctions.

Indeed, Trump removed the US from JCPOA and imposed severe sanctions on Iran in 2018, keeping a policy of maximum pressure against Iran.

After a year, Iran replied by suspending its obedience to most main nuclear commitments in the agreement, under which it was vowed economic relief to limit its nuclear program.

Besides, Iran declared, on January 4, that it had intensified its uranium enrichment operation to 20 percent purity, which is above the 3.67 percent level that allowed by the agreement, however; it low than the amount necessary for an atomic bomb.

Tehran has appealed Washington for unconditionally lift sanctions imposed by Trump to save the nuclear agreement. It also said that it would return to complete obedience when all parties achieve their commitments about the deal.

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