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Iraqi Brotherhood Political Researcher: They Support Iran’s Safavid Project

The brotherhood seeks to achieve its interests for the benefit of the national state; they are interested only in the material and political benefits that generally serve their project of empowerment in the Arab region. According to 24, this is what political science researcher Amr Mostafa stated about the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which is developing in many Arab and Western countries.

Mostafa evoked the Iraqi Brotherhood’s stance on the protests that have swept across the state because of the deteriorating economic conditions and Iranian Safavid rule on internal affairs, would result in their own self-interest and their obtaining of the greater number of political benefits, particularly that Tehran represents a strategic ally for the terrorist organization during its history.

He also explained that the position of the brotherhood will be determined for the benefit of the Iranian Safavid project, which generally spread in the Arab region, and receives direct support from the organization of the brotherhood and its leaders, affirming that the organization is closely related to the State of Faqih project, while the brotherhood sent, in a private plane, an official delegation led by Youssef Nada, Secretary-General of the International Organization at that time, to congratulate Ayatollah Khomeini about the success of the Iranian revolution in 1979.

The political science researcher thus indicated that Iranian-brotherhood ties had been present and extended since Hassan El-Banna, and that the legal references of the mullahs’ regime had translated the books of Sayyid Qutb and considered them as an intellectual constitution for their project, besides to the continued and intense contacts between the two parties. These contacts have been revealed in recent days by Iranian intelligence documents which had documented gatherings between the two parties inside Turkey in recent years for coordination and cooperation about current political concerns in the Arab region and the Middle East region.

Mostafa confirmed that the brotherhoods are only interested in their own interests, and they will not put in their intention the national state that they do not recognize. In fact, they entered Iraq in American tanks during the American invasion of Iraq and the fall of Baghdad. He also added that this is not something new for the Iraqi brotherhood as they did it before the sixties of the last century when Muhammad Mahmud al-Sawwaf, the general observer of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, demanded the President Gamal Abdel Nasser to arm Iraqi factions and prepare an army supported by Iran, Turkey and Jordan to occupy Baghdad and overthrow the Iraqi regime.

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