Iraqi kills his wife with a gunshot to the head

An Iraqi man did not withstand the usual marital disputes and ended his wife’s life with a direct gunshot to her head inside their home in Baghdad.

Details reported by the “Shafaq News” website, citing a security source, indicate that the husband killed his wife with a gunshot south of the capital, Baghdad.

The source stated that marital problems drove the husband to dispose of his 44-year-old wife in the Rashid Camp area south of Baghdad.

The perpetrator used a pistol, aimed a gunshot at his wife’s head, instantly killing her, and managed to flee to an unknown location until now.

In the city of Kadhimiya in the capital, Baghdad, an Iraqi man assaulted his wife, an employee at the University of the Tigris, with an iron tool to the head last Monday, resulting in her death.

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