Kenneth McKenzie: Iran represents the greatest threat to US Command Area

US Central Command Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said Iran represents the greatest threat to US Command Area and deterring it is one of the top priorities.

McKinsey continued, during media statements, that “Iran is the biggest threat in the US Central Command area, because they export terrorism and make many ballistic missiles that threaten their neighbors.”

The commander of US Central Command stressed that “deterring Iran is currently one of the top priorities.”

The American General also confirmed his work to improve the integrated air and missile defense of the Gulf states in the face of the Iranian threat and the ballistic missiles, pointing out that “Saudi Arabia is under continuous bombardment by the Houthis in Yemen.”

He hoped that “Iran would find a way to become a responsible member of the United Nations family”.

The commander of US Central Command highlighted that “Egypt is very important to CENTCOM.. It’s a sensitive position in the far east of Central Command.”

The American general explained that Cairo is “an important member of the international coalition against terrorism, which has been fighting ISIL for many years.”

In that regard, he stressed that Egypt had dealt with terrorism in northern Sinai with extreme firmness and intelligence.

In defining the defeat of ISIL and the end of the group, he said : “ISIL’s defeat enables local security forces to deal with the small pockets of the terrorist group that will continue to emerge.”

On Monday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, in the presence of Lt. Gen. Mohamed Farid, chief of staff of the Armed Forces, and Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, US ambassador to Cairo.

Ambassador Bassam Radhi, the Egyptian Presidency Spokesperson, stated that the President welcomed the Commander of US Central Command in his visit to Egypt, emphasizing the specificity of the established strategic relations between Egypt and the United States.

Al-Sisi also expressed his hope that the development of bilateral cooperation in all fields, especially on the military level that has been in place between the two countries over the past decades, will enhance fruitful cooperation between Egypt and the United States in confronting common challenges in the region.

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