“Larry” is not the only one… Lucky cats on the seats of power

They wander through the corridors of government palaces and their gardens as if it were their world, attracting the attention of visitors and photographers.

These are the cats that roam inside government buildings, in roles that humans might envy.

In Britain, for example, the United Kingdom has had five Prime Ministers in the past 12 years, but only one Chief Mouser.

Larry, nicknamed the Chief Mouser of the British government headquarters known as “10 Downing Street”, returned to the scene with the appointment of Keir Starmer as Prime Minister, replacing Rishi Sunak.

It is not known whether Starmer has met “Larry”, in an attempt to calm the situation with his new guest “Julie” brought along by the Prime Minister.

Larry, who was appointed in 2011 to rid the government headquarters of mice, is not the only cat in “Downing Street”, as there are also “Evie” and her son “Ozzy”. According to the BBC, Evie and Ozzy, two rescued cats from the Celia Hammond Trust, manage four floors in the government offices located on Whitehall Street.

The Prime Minister’s office named Evie after Evelyn Sharp, the first Permanent Secretary, while Ozzy was named after Sir Edward Osmotherly, the author of the rules followed by civil service officials in providing evidence to select committees. Mexico In the Mexican government palace, cats roam the gardens of the government headquarters and appear at press conferences, welcoming tourists at the doors and not objecting to tasting the sweetness of ice cream.

There, 19 cats control the National Palace, wandering and roaming for long periods in the lush gardens and historical halls of the country’s most famous buildings. According to “Al Ain Al-Ikhbariya” from local media and global agencies.

Palace veterinarian Jesus Arias told local media, “They (the cats) can access every part of the palace, so they attend meetings and interviews and stroll in front of the cameras.”

The palace cats caused a stir after Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government declared them “living assets,” the first animals in the country to receive this designation.

The term “fixed assets” is usually applied to buildings and furniture, but by applying it to cats, López Obrador’s government obliged the country’s treasury to provide them with food and care for the rest of their lives.

The presidential palace is located in the heart of Mexico City and has long been the seat of executive power in Mexico. It now serves as López Obrador’s residence.

Accompanying López Obrador are Boy, Bello, Nobi, Coco, Yema, and other cats who seem to have found an ideal home in the building.

López Obrador himself has stated that the cats “dominate” the palace and often walk in front of him during official celebrations.

While 19 cats live full-time in the building, many of them come and go, with staff suspecting they sneak through the palace gate at night.

France Paris is not only known for the Eiffel Tower but also for the rat problem it suffers from.

To combat the rodent threat, the French government has taken innovative measures, renting cats to eliminate unwanted visitors from the building.

“Nomi and Noi,” these are the two cats that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rented to eradicate rats.

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