Leaked statements revealing conflict between Libyan brothers and Al Sarraj

The Al-Wefaq government is unable to do anything,
and we are unable to act with Al-Sarraj, and it has become impossible to control the rest of Libya,
this was revealed by statements Leaked
by the leader of the Justice and Construction Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad al-Sawan,
during his conversation with leaders and members, and the media of his party
about the organization’s interests in the inside and outside Libya.
Leaked statements reveal depth of crisis facing the Al-Wefaq government, directed by Al-Sarraj,
and the fear that controls the brothers.
Muhammad Al-Suwan also reported:
This is proof that any decision made by the brothers in
Libya comes from closed rooms in Qatar and Turkey,
and especially that the brothers in Libya are just puppets carrying out foreign orders.
The statements also reveal the other aspect of the brothers’ policy
to control the joints of the Libyan state
and the group association of the brothers and the Justice and Construction Party in Libya with the Turks and Qataris,
which provide them weapons and mercenaries
They also reveal that the brothers are trying to jump off the Al-Sarraj boat
and save what can be saved under international pressure
Are they really going to succeed?

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