Lies and hypocrisy…News that Al-Jazeera does not report

Hashtag of news that Al Jazeera does not report
reveals crimes of the Qatari regime, its media and its allies
that Al Jazeera and its representatives ignore
it protects the criminal, political, human rights and moral acts
of the Qatari regime, its media and its allies
Among the most important crimes
The assassination of Qatari opposition journalist Fahad Buhendi
The records of Kadhafi
The financing of Qatar of the terrorist Hezbollah
Support of Channel Al-Jazeera for terrorism
The economic and political failure of the Turkish president’s regime
In return, Al Jazeera works
to distribute negative news and fabricated campaigns
against countries opposed to Qatar’s policies that support terrorism
This contradicts Al-Jazeera’s claims of independence

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