Maat reveals Qatari regime’s human rights violations

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights revealed
violations of the Qatari human rights system,
including aggressive arrests, declaration of travel prohibitions,
and repeated its complaint to the United Nations against Qatar,
this after ignoring complaints that are previously submitted by the Foundation
on the basis of permissions obtained from the parties concerned
These complaints showed that the Qatari regime is launching an planned campaign of arrests of its opponents
including a member of the running family
and a businessman prevented from traveling since 2013
the human rights organization has also appealed on the United Nations to intervene speedily by making pressure the Qatari authorities
to stop all these aggressive actions
Marungi, is a French entrepreneur in prison in Doha on accusation of signing unpaid checks
after a dispute with his partner of a member of the Qatari ruling family
So Tamim confiscated his money, emptying his accounts and refused to pay him his dues
they accused him of signing unpaid checks
the man was sentenced to 7 years in prison
In the cells, Marungi discovered what behind the scenes of the regime and his real hideous face
by revealing the tortures that the prisoners underwent
by executioners who undertook to do specific tasks targeting those who oppose Tamim
He also spoke of a Jordanian prisoner who was beaten and tortured to death in Doha central prison
All that is already mentioned is only a small part of a large chapter of human rights violations
by the Qatari regime

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