Mukhtar Noah: Egyptians indicate the end of the Brotherhood and millions of dollars were wasted to implement the 11-11 plan

The Muslim Brotherhood’s failure continues in a major way after its failed terrorist calls for a movement and chaos in Egypt last week. The Muslim Brotherhood front exchanged accusations about why Egyptians did not respond to these calls for sabotage. The Brotherhood front admitted the major failure of these calls, accusing each other of receiving money from members of that terrorist group to spread chaos and terrorism in the country.

Subversive plans

Over the past two months, the Muslim Brotherhood has been promoting sedition and terrorism to mobilize the Egyptian people, taking advantage of the economic crisis and rising commodity prices, said Mokhtar Noah, a political thinker and leading Muslim Brotherhood defector. They thought this might be enough to cause chaos in the street, but they faced a bitter failure, which they themselves expressed in some of their pages as a major defeat and a death certificate for the Brotherhood and its influence on the Egyptian street, and even opened a new front and a major rift within the terrorist Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader added that the Muslim Brotherhood has not yet realized that the days have passed them, and that the Egyptian people have completely rejected them. He pointed out that some parties in Britain funded the movement with a budget of 181 million dollars two months ago, some under the name of “financing schools of democracy and training” and others were financing the establishment of media outlets, including expenses and salaries for launching two satellite channels, adding that all these funds went and were looted and stolen and did not succeed in implementing the plan of the Brotherhood evil in Egypt.

Use of religion

Noah said that the Muslim Brotherhood and similar organizations are political, not religious, and were exported in an Islamic way with the aim of playing with emotions for a greater purpose, which is to control the world. He pointed out that the Egyptian people’s rejection of chaos calls puts on all of us to take responsibility for confronting the terrorist Brotherhood and erasing any ideological or organizational traces. He explained that the Brotherhood is witnessing severe divisions, which increased after the failure of calls for violence on November 11th. Scandals emerged among the Brotherhood elements by receiving huge funds from institutions and associations affiliated with the Brotherhood in Britain, which confirmed to the public opinion that the Brotherhood is implementing agendas for certain bodies that want to tamper with the abilities of the Egyptian state.

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