Muslim Brotherhood in Libya Banking on Terror Mufti Sadik Al-Ghariani

Amid the political turmoil engulfing the Libyan arena and the absence of agreements for ceasefire and elections in the country, the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood in Libya is banking on the deposed mufti Sadik Al-Ghariani, hoping to regain their role on both the local and international fronts.

Al-Ghariani’s Maneuvers

Several reports have unveiled Al-Ghariani’s political movements and meetings lately, raising questions about whether Libya will become a new platform for the Muslim Brotherhood, especially after the imprisonment of Ennahdha Movement‘s leader in Tunisia, Rachid Ghannouchi, and the collapse of the group in Egypt, along with the passing of Youssef al-Qaradawi. These events indicate there are new maneuvers by the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

Brotherhood’s Maneuvers

Libyan political analyst Haithem Al-Werfelli stated that the terrorist group has gone through several stages since its inception until it rose to power during the Arab Spring, but it failed. The Muslim Brotherhood‘s involvement in Libya and Sudan comes amidst indicators showing the group is experiencing its worst crisis after its downfall in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya is attempting, after losing many cards, to renew its image by putting the country under its microscope and making it its main stronghold. At the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya is maneuvering to refute accusations against it that it is one of the main factors hindering Libyan elections, by threatening officials of the electoral commission and working to maintain the status quo in Libya by continuing to incite terrorism and chaos in the country to destabilize the state.

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