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New Agreement between Houthis and Muslim Brotherhood… What’s the Matter?

The terrorist militias of the Houthis have announced reaching an agreement with the Yemeni Congregation for Reform party (the Muslim Brotherhood‘s arm in Yemen) regarding the opening of the Sanaa-Al-Bayda-Ma’rib road.

Hussein Al-Ezzi, the foreign minister of the pro-Iranian militias, stated in a tweet on his social media platforms yesterday that a “brotherly agreement” had been reached, stipulating the adoption of Sanaa’s initiative regarding road openings, according to the newspaper Al-Ayyam.

Al-Ezzi stated that the agreement came one day after officials from Sanaa and the Muslim Brotherhood inspected the new line connecting Sanaa to Ma’rib via Al-Bayda.

He added, “This agreement in Ma’rib is part of a series of agreements between the two parties that were previously implemented in Ta’iz, based on Sanaa’s initiative.”

This agreement serves as clear evidence that communication between the Houthis and the Muslim Brotherhood continues, despite the media attacks launched by both parties against each other, aiming to promote the idea that the Iranian militias and the Muslim Brotherhood are not in sync in Yemen.

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