Pentagon denounces the Houthi attacks and continues to support Saudi Arabia

On Wednesday, the Pentagon increased its denunciation of continuous assaults against Saudi Arabia and stated that it was committed to supporting Riyadh’s self-defense capabilities.

Indeed, Pentagon Press Secretary, John Kirby, informed reporters at the Pentagon: The Houthi attacks are a violation of international law. He also said that the US would continue to work with Saudi Arabia to counter external threats and dangers.

Although the recent decision took by the Biden administration to cancel the terrorist classification of the Houthis and their leaders, the Iran-backed group has apparently increased its assaults towards Saudi Arabia and inside Yemen. In fact, the group announced its responsibility to a rocket attack that hit a civilian airplane at Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport last week. Whereas, Critics of Biden’s decision declared that this would embolden the Houthis.

Otherwise, on Wednesday, Biden’s special envoy to Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, acknowledged that Saudi Arabia was wanted to stop the conflict in Yemen.

He also said in an interview with US-based Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): And in the Yemen conflict, you need Saudi Arabia. And they will have to play a leading role. After all, this is their backyard. This is the Gulf region’s backyard. And just as we are follow things that happen in our backyard very carefully, so must the Saudis and so will the Saudis.

He added: So, they will be a very strong partner in this effort, I’m convinced, and we will be able to maintain the president’s commitments with regard to Saudi Arabia, while ensuring that the Yemen conflict is brought to a close. That is very much the goal.

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