Plans to Attack Israeli Businessman… Peru Arrests Two Individuals, One of Them Iranian

Israeli media revealed on Friday the arrest of an Iranian man and a Peruvian citizen, suspected of planning an attack against an Israeli businessman in Peru.

Israeli news channel 13 reported that “Peruvian police arrested an Iranian citizen and another Peruvian suspected of planning an attack against an Israeli businessman during a meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum,” while the Israeli Broadcasting Authority revealed the identity of the Iranian citizen as Majid Azizi.

The Israeli channel quoted Peruvian police chief Oscar Ariola as saying that “the arrests took place after an investigation conducted in coordination with international intelligence agencies, which provided sensitive information about an Iranian citizen who arrived in Peru early last March.”

According to the local official, “we had to act quickly because the Iranian citizen was supposed to return to Iran today, after having set up a terrorist cell whose goal was to target an Israeli citizen who was supposed to participate in the forum.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” pointed out that the Iranian citizen is affiliated with the Al-Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, confirming that Majid Azizi, 56, has been living in Peru since 1997.

While it is also mentioned that Azizi holds Peruvian nationality through marriage, the name of the arrested Peruvian citizen has not been specified, nor has the identity of the targeted Israeli businessman been disclosed for security reasons.

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