Protest by women in Turkey against the failure of the Erdogan regime to protect them from murder

Frequent murder crimes targeting women in Turkey
with a remarkable inaction of the government that ignores one of the most dangerous phenomena of the society,
which pushed many women to go out in protests
in a number of Turkish states to denounce these crimes
and demand protection against violence experienced against them within the regime silence
According to the Turkish opposition newspaper Afransal
most participants in protests
confirmed that crimes against women were political
by clearly accusing the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime
for not having applied dissuasive legislation that would protect them from murder
Protesters demanded regime to apply Istanbul Accord
on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence
which the Justice and Development government had previously declared its intention to exit
in a decision that caused widespread anger among the organizations and assemblies concerned
by women’s affairs inside and outside the country
Last March, a Turkish opposition report revealed
that 15,557 women had been killed under the term of the Justice and Development Party,
which continued 18 years, from 2002 to 2020
And last November
The European Council alerted Ankara against the high rates of violence against women in the country
calling for more measures and more efficient procedures
Moreover, Turkey is experiencing a clear deterioration in the human rights situation,
particularly since the failed coup attempt in July 2016
that leads to the arrest of thousands of people and the arbitrary dismissal
among the victims of the regime are students and journalists
university professors, politicians and feminist movements
who defend women’s rights and protect them from oppression

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