Qatar Charitable Society and the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and their relationship to the deployment of extremism in France

The organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has become a disaster in all societies
including France that has become recently
very vulnerable to terrorist assaults
after the accident of French history professor Samuel Paty who was decapitated
by a young Chechen
French officials have decided to delimit extremist institutions
especially the Union of the Islamic organizations of the country affiliated to the group of the brothers
that supervises and manages 200 mosques
where imams disperse extremism and dialogue of hostility
according to the French deputy and National Rally Party leader, Jordan Bardella
The Union of Islamic Organizations in France is among the associations that have been accused of deploying extremism
and French officials consider it as the military wing of the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country
and receives direct funds from Qatar that reach thousands of dollars
through Qatar Charitable Society under the cover of charitable activities
for developing Al-Nour center in the Alsace region in eastern France
and the center of Mercy in Strasbourg
French authorities closed a mosque
and is seeking to survey almost 51 religious societies
and it’s expected that a number of them are expected to be dissolved
because of their involvement in the propagation of ideas against the principles of the Republic.

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