Qatar is in the worst case… deficit and crises devastating the economy

Between corruption and financial deficits
and the crises in which local banks are confronted,
the Qatari economy is evolving in a circle of losses and severe decline
in parallel with the continuation of the Arab boycott of Doha
and the country’s inability to manage the Corona crisis
The operating profit of Masraf Al Rayan,
which recorded an average growth in turnover of 20% until 2017,
was affected by reducing growth to less than 5%
While banks operating in Qatar,
recorded a foreign exchange deficit of 325.3 billion Qatari riyals ($ 89.4 billion)
And in the aviation sector,
Qatar Airways Group declared
that it suffered a net loss of $ 1.9 billion for the year 2019-2020
The revelation of major corruption cases
also weakened investor confidence in the Qatari economy
in addition to the disastrous conditions of the workers and international reports on this,
caused the withdrawal of investments worth £ 6million from Qatar
How does the Qatari regime act to save what can be saved ?

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