Qatar’s economic and political hypocrisy in France

The intervention raised of Qatar in France
through investments reaching more than $ 40 billion in 2018
in various fields, including sport, commerce, tourism and others
with tax exemptions
increasing the political and economic crisis in Paris , according to French analysts
French writer Emmanuel Rizafi, writer from Qatar: Forbidden Facts
confirms the danger of these benefits is Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood
and political Islam associations that call for extremism around the world.
Brene Bonte reported in her book
The French Republic of Qatar
“Doha has provided tens of millions of euros over the past decade to become a mediator on the French political and economic scene”
besides the launch of campaigns to boycott French products in Doha
Qatar’s attempt to invest in France and its call for a boycott of French products
indicate Qatar’s double position
and hypocrisy of Qatar towards Paris
and the Qatari regime’s bad intentions to invest in France
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