Researcher Reveals the Connection Between Tehran and the Muslim Brotherhood

Researcher in Islamic movements affairs, Rafat Abdulhadi, stated that Tehran has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan through a conduit in Iraq, specifically in the west of the country in the province of Al-Anbar. These Iraqi factions work to facilitate communication between Iran and opposition groups in Jordan, represented by Islamic groups.

According to Abdulhadi’s remarks to the Al-Hal Net website, this communication involves financing and arms trafficking, where the Iranian regime assists the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic groups in Iraq as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan in escalating their stance in Palestine. Simultaneously, this convergence serves as a pressure card on the Jordanian government, causing it political turmoil with the United States, which is what Iran desires.

Jordan had announced thwarting an Iranian plot to smuggle weapons into its territory for sabotage activities, in collaboration with a cell affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Two well-informed sources clarified in mid-May that the weapons were sent by Iran-backed factions in Syria to a cell affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, with connections to the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement.

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