Rouhani called for human rights advocates to denounce the sanctions of the US on Iran

Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, rejected on Friday the new US sanctions and described it as unable to disrupt the Islamic republic’s resistance and he said that Washington has already done all efforts to make pressure towards Tehran.

Indeed, US President Donald Trump’s administration imposed heavy sanctions on Iran’s banking sector on Thursday by defining 18 major Iranian banks to stop illicit access to US dollars.

According to his official website, Rouhani reported that the Americans have so far done all they could against the great nation of Iran, adding: They cannot break the resistance of the Iranian nation with these inhumane actions. According to him, the US administration is following domestic aims by such political-propaganda attempts.

In fact, the sanctions are part of Washington’s policy of maximum pressure towards Tehran aimed to break the Islamic republic. They were actually reimposed after that Trump unilaterally withdrew in 2018 the US from a history accord with world powers and Iran, which restricted the Islamic republic’s nuclear program in switch for international sanctions relief.

The US declares that dealings involving humanitarian goods such as food and medicine are exempt and that sanctions are directed at the regime. Whereas, Rouhani declared that the sanctions are attempts to create serious obstacles in fund transfers for medicine and food and named them cruel, terrorist and inhumane. He also called on the world’s human rights advocates to denounce this move.

He said: All countries witness that America’s attempts are completely against international laws and regulations, and in the time of the coronavirus are against human rights.

Otherwise, Iran has been fighting to stop the Middle East’s worst Covid-19 outbreak since February, when the virus is killing more than 28,000 and infecting more than 492,000 in the country.

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