Sarah Leah Whitson: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Weapon Against Arab States

Sarah Leah Whitson, the black card that the Muslim Brotherhood uses when they cannot find files to stir up against Egypt, and recently against Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and other countries in the region, by continuously inciting through false reports against the countries of the region.

She holds a significant executive position in the Human Rights Watch Foundation, which is the primary advocate for the terrorist group in the region, and is primarily responsible for the incitement reports prepared by that organization against Gulf and Arab countries.

Whitson and the Muslim Brotherhood Regarding Whitson’s file, Dr. Ayman Aqeel, an international human rights activist and director of MAAT for Development and Human Rights, says that Sarah Leah Whitson openly provides her services to the terrorist group.

She tends to favor the Muslim Brotherhood, especially as there is a suspicious relationship between the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Human Rights Watch organization, where Sarah Leah Whitson used to work.

He added that everything written by this suspicious lady in all her relations is aimed at casting doubt on the countries. She targets the stability of countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE by exporting lies, rumors, and slanders against these countries through the use of fabricated reports related to human rights issues.

He pointed out that this lady’s history is filled with lies. She was a tool for the Muslim Brotherhood to spread inciting reports against the Arab Quartet countries that called for combating terrorism in the past, and other such false claims aimed at destabilizing the region for the benefit of violent and terrorist groups.

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