Saudi Arabia and Qatar reopen land and sea borders… Reconciliation or boycott mitigation?

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah announced
that a deal had been reached
while airspace and land and sea borders would be open
between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar
indicating the affirmation of all member of unification,
after the signing of Al-Ula’s declaration which marks the launch of a new page
in their relationships, and that is empty of any obstacles
however does this step make an end to the boycott of the Qatar Arab Quartet?
or is it just to relax the boycott?
The air, sea and land borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar
were opened without mentioning the return of diplomatic ties
which reminds us of the nature of relationships that were in 2013
when the Gulf countries withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar without closing the borders
Observers state that the crisis is not over yet
but it could change the situation from a global boycott to a diplomatic boycott
because there is little thing that indicates that Qatar would change its behavior
concerning practices that demoralize its neighbors and the Al Jazeera network
that it uses to spread its message, attack its neighbors and distance itself from Iran and Turkey
Hussein Ibish, analyst at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington :
“Pushing Qatar to adjust its relations with Turkey may be just a wish given the number of issues that are likely to remain unresolved. There is a high possibility of disagreement in the future and perhaps another crisis in Qatari policies at some time in the future”.

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