Saudi Arabia’s King Salman declares that Hezbollah has ruined Lebanon

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz reported on Wednesday that the predominance of Hezbollah in Lebanon has ruined the state institutions and the only way to help it to break out from all of this is to disarm the Iran-backed group.

King Salman declared that the huge explosion in Beirut on Aug. 4 was a result of the hegemony of Hezbollah, a terrorist organization affiliated with Iran. He also said that Saudi Arabia supports the Lebanese people who are suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe because of the control of Hezbollah over the decision-making process in Lebanon by force of arms.

The Saudi king related that this situation had led to disabling the institutions of state and the only way for Lebanon to reach security, stability and prosperity is to disarm this terrorist organization.

Furthermore, King Salman also criticized Iran for rejecting chances for peace, and he declared that Tehran used its terrorist networks to intensify its expansionist activities and destabilized several countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Lebanon. He also said: The Kingdom will not hesitate to defend its national security, nor will it abandon the fraternal people of Yemen until they regain their complete sovereignty and independence from Iranian hegemony.

Arab-Israeli conflict

About the Arab-Israeli conflict, King Salman affirmed the support of Saudi Arabia for all efforts to keep going the peace process, and he said: Peace in the Middle East is our strategic option.

King Salman also said that a just solution must be reached where the Palestinian people have their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and Saudi Arabia backs the efforts of the Trump administration to achieve peace in the Middle East and bring the Palestinians and Israelis back to the negotiation table.

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