Strongest bill to confront forms of extremism in Germany and Europe – Details

For the second time in 2023, the Brotherhood’s fight is once again imposing itself on the sessions of the German parliament, but this is a stronger blow this time, and paving the way for many measures to combat the influence of political Islam in Germany, especially in matters related to education, spreading extremism, and the threats that these organizations represent to democracy.

The movement of the German parliament in the first three months of 2023, in the course of combating the Brotherhood and political Islam, is faster and more intensive than last year; In 12 months, the Brotherhood held only two sessions to discuss the issue, and this year equalized the figure in 90 days.

The Most Dangerous Counterterrorism

The Committee on the Family, Women and Youth of the German Parliament will hold, next Monday, a public hearing on a bill presented by the federal government entitled “Draft Law to Strengthen Measures to Promote Democracy and Diversity and Prevent Extremism.”

This important debate comes days after German Interior Minister  Nancy Faeser outlined the bill’s main objectives; It is the strongest bill to be introduced in the course of combating political Islam and other forms of extremism, because it comes from the government and passes it in the parliament, with the government certain to have a majority.

Danger to communities

“However, right-wing extremists are not the only enemies of our open society. Islamism (a term used to describe political Islam) and other forms of extremism threaten our democracy,”  Faeser said in a speech to parliament on the bill a few days ago.

She added: “One thing is clear: Every form of extremism and anti-democracy must be firmly fought. I think the Democrats in this parliament have the same opinion”.

“Our security authorities have prevented 21 Islamist attacks since the turn of the millennium, most recently in January and according to current information, two brothers have planned a poison gas attack in Germany,” she said.

The Parliament referred the bill “Strengthening Democracy and Preventing Extremism” to the Family, Youth and Women’s Committee for discussion and the submission of a final version, recommended to the Parliament, for discussion in plenary session and vote.

The bill aims to “protect democracy in Germany as a form of society and a basis for coexistence, and strengthen it to meet current and future challenges.”

According to the draft law, the promotion of democracy and respect for the law and its sovereignty is not only the task of the State, but a common concern of the State and a vibrant democratic civil society.

Confronting the Brotherhood

Dr. Aguila Dabichi, head of the French Center for Strategic Studies, says there are strong measures in place to combat political Islam, extremism and other forms of extremism in German society and even in Europe.

In addition to the important work of the security authorities, strengthening the prevention of extremism programs, providing training courses for teachers and other influencers and promoting research studies and projects dealing with the activities and impact of political Islam are necessary, she added.

She also pointed out that confronting the threat of these extremist groups in Europe extended to besieging terrorist networks and all those responsible for them, in addition to liberating mosques and schools from foreign influences and gradually getting rid of the imams emissaries, at the same time raising the number of imams trained in France, in addition to monitoring financial donations, as well as combating attempts to separate from French society, such as bathing areas in public swimming pools, prayer hours in sports clubs, violations of the law of equality between girls and boys, and paying attention in poor French neighborhoods through promoting social, cultural and sports shows, health care, and rehabilitating neglected residential areas.

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