Sudan: Submission of the final agreement draft to resolve the political crisis – Details

The spokesman for the political process in Sudan, Khaled Omar Yousif, announced the handover of the preliminary draft of the final political agreement for the civil and military parties signatory to the framework agreement, in a meeting at the Presidential Palace yesterday.

He said in a statement on Twitter that the meeting included Chairman of the Sovereign Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces Abdel Fattah Al Burhan and his deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Rapid Support Forces Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, in addition to the leaders of the civilian signatories to the framework agreement in the presence of the tripartite mechanism.

The draft agreement has six parts; It is the final political agreement that was based on the Framework Agreement, the Political Declaration, the Transitional Constitution, and 5 annexed protocols that are part of the agreement.

He said the parties agreed to compile observations on the draft until March 29th, and to incorporate the recommendations of the security and military reform workshop so that the agreement is fully prepared.

The spokesperson for the political process also said that the meeting also discussed the report of the Liaison Committee with the non-signatories to the Framework Agreement, and decided to redouble efforts to urge them to sign the Political Declaration and join the ongoing political process, hoping to discuss and sign the final political agreement with the rest of the parties to the Framework Political Agreement at the agreed time.

The four-day workshop will discuss reform of the military and security system, leading to a single professional and national army, security arrangements, and reform of the police and intelligence services.

Representatives from the regular forces, political forces, retirees from the regular forces, and experts from inside and outside Sudan are taking part in the workshop, whose recommendations will be part of a final political agreement.

Security and military reforms are one of five issues that have been removed from the framework agreement signed on 5 January for further consultation, along with transitional justice, the dismantling of the 30 June 1989 regime, and the eastern Sudan, as well as the peace agreement.

Jaafar Hassan, spokesman for the Central Council of Freedom and Change, warned of attempts by groups opposed to the current political process and elements of the former regime to thwart the transfer of power to civilians in Sudan.

The final agreement will be followed by the signing on April 6 of the transitional constitution prepared by the Sudanese Bar Association in September 2022, after minor amendments.

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