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T20 summit was concluded yesterday with many recommendations

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz finished the T20 summit on Sunday with a written speech addressed by Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs. In this context, King Salman praised the T20 group that is represented by the President and the participating members who worked collectively and discussed solutions to different global challenges.

King Salman said: We all need to cooperate and work together, especially in light of the current circumstances accompanying the coronavirus pandemic. He also acknowledged King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research and the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies for their exceptiona­l work in directing the summit.

King Salman reported that the pandemic wasn’t an obstacle to the continuation of the Kingdom’s presidency of the G20, it actually stimulated international actors to make effort and try to find solutions to this crisis. He addressed the committee saying: you emphasized that education in the era of digital innovation includes everyone, without discrimination.

King Salman also confirmed that the plans of the summit is in the same way with the change in the nature of education and work and to allow society to acquire new skills that are compatible with tendencies of the future labor market, to offer opportunities for young men and women for building a promising economic future and reinforce social protection systems.

The same statement indicated that the G20 members had a lot of opportunities to boost cooperation and discussions on new ways for facing environmental challenges and more effective, management of emissions of all kinds which are essential to achieving international climate goals and enhancing access to energy to meet the requirements of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development for all.

He also explained: We have no doubt that think tanks have a prominent and effective role in supporting economic and social policy making, and your group has done a great job this year.

The King showed that the T20 summit has published several recommendations about urgent issues, and it seeks to coming up with international solutions and initiatives that enhance the role of the G20 with regard to the unified international response to fight the coronavirus pandemic and its urgent economic, health and social consequences and other challenges that we all face.

King Salman said that the most serious current priorities are saving lives, finding a vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic and combating its health, social and economic consequences, and working on building a strong global health system that will help in fighting the existing epidemic and its near-term effects.

King Salman said again: We had hoped that hosting the Twentieth Summit is in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom, but unfortunately, the pandemic has prevented us from that, and we look forward to your visit to the Kingdom after the end of the pandemic so that you will find the most beautiful hosting and enjoy the genuine generosity.

It should be noted that THINK20 is the research and policy advice network of the Group of 20 (G20), it is considered as a place to build ideas that the G20 can put into action. The two-day summit was the capstone events to the T20 summit season, with almost 4,000 registrants attend 11 webinars containing over 153 speakers, which is the highest amount of participation in the think tank engagement group since T20’s beginning.

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