The “Double-Tailed Scorpion”: An Impressive Chinese Military March

Chinese technology continues to amaze the world with its ability to demonstrate its superiority in the field of military drones, amid a strong race in this field.

China currently possesses the most comprehensive and diverse range of drone systems in the world, whether stealth or non-stealth, jet-powered or propeller-powered, as the country prepares for a direct confrontation with Taiwan and an indirect one with the US military.

These drones allow for gathering intelligence on Taiwan, mapping radar systems, and classifying electronic emissions from air defense systems and other Taiwanese military assets on the island’s east coast.

The TB001 double-tailed, twin-engine reconnaissance and attack drone is one of the most prominent examples of these drones, according to “Global Security”.

This drone can stay airborne for 35 hours and travel more than 6000 kilometers while carrying weapons and sensors.

These drones can also use a variety of light missiles to strike ground targets such as light vehicles and personnel.

Its strength also lies in its ability to carry the “AR-4” missile, which weighs 80 kg, has a range of 20 kilometers, and a maximum altitude of 7000 meters, far superior to the American Hellfire missile and difficult to intercept by short-range systems.

Additionally, advanced optics, extreme endurance, and modular weapons give the TB001 drone new global capabilities in strikes and reconnaissance.

The dual-engine, dual-tail design of the drone offers aerial power features that were previously unavailable; this drone expands the reach and combat capability of the People’s Liberation Army.

China has used the giant TB001 drone to conduct reconnaissance missions over various areas of Taiwan. The drone crossed the Bashi Channel separating Taiwan from the Philippines, then headed to the island’s east coast before crossing back towards the Chinese coast.

It also crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and entered air defense identification zones in the southwest, southeast, and northeast.

Drone Specifications:

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 2800 kilograms.
  • Wingspan: 20 meters.
  • Length: 10 meters.
  • Height: 3.3 meters.
  • Maximum flight altitude: 8000 meters.
  • Range: 6000 kilometers.
  • Flight time: 35 hours of continuous flight.
  • Weapons: distributed on four loading points.

Major Drawbacks:

  • Difficulty in taking off and landing in narrow areas.
  • Need for a long runway for takeoff.

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