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The Iraqi city of Mosul has recovered from the destruction caused by terrorism

After 6 years of liberation... the Iraqi city of Mosul recovers from the destruction of terrorism.

The current days mark the sixth anniversary of the liberation of the city from the grip of the terrorist organization ISIS. This liberation was achieved through fierce battles fought by the Iraqi security forces in July 2017, with extensive international support. Since then, the city has been able to return to life, especially with the continuous efforts of the Iraqi army, security units, and counter-terrorism forces to track down fugitive elements and deliver decisive blows to the hideouts of terrorist gangs, aiming to deprive them of any future capabilities that would enable their return or terrorize the citizens.

Battles remembered in history.

Abdulwahab Al-Saadi, the head of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service, affirmed that terrorist organizations no longer possess the strength that allowed them to occupy cities or even small villages. This has led them to resort to scattered individual operations in an attempt to demonstrate their presence rhetorically in some remote areas. However, the preemptive operations that we have continuously carried out have had a significant impact in thwarting their intentions. We have repeatedly succeeded in raiding their hideouts during their meetings.

Al-Saadi stated: “On the 10th of July every year, Iraqis commemorate the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Mosul and what the people of our great nation have sacrificed to liberate our generous land. The sons of the security forces, including the heroes of the Counter-Terrorism Service, have spared no effort and have dedicated themselves fully in carrying out their duties. They continue day and night, with the highest morale, racing to achieve greatness, either through victory or martyrdom.”

The head of the Counter-Terrorism Service added that after the end of the liberation battles, the heroes of Iraq are still working with the same enthusiasm and determination. They have utilized the derived lessons and accumulated experiences to make one of the most important pillars of the Counter-Terrorism Service work based on a strategy and doctrine that rely on prevention and interception as an approach to confront any potential threat.

Return of life.

Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Wayan, an Iraqi analyst and writer, states: “The city of Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq, witnessed the reopening of the theater hall and the university library affiliated with the University of Mosul, one of the major universities in Iraq, in the years following the liberation. Additionally, the Federal Court of Appeals in Nineveh Province was reopened with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme and Germany. France has also increased its interest in the city by opening a consulate, becoming the first European country to take this step after the liberation of the city.”

He further highlighted that Mosul International Airport has received military flights after its rehabilitation and development. It is expected to complete its operations and officially open for domestic and international flights in early 2024, thereby boosting economic activity. Furthermore, the airport provides hundreds of job opportunities and facilitates tourism and trade movements.

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