The Iraqi Dawa Party… From the opposition to the Shiite regime to the failure


Although efforts to eradicate terrorism in Iraq
that is represented by the organization “Daeish” and the armed groups
however it could not quit the Muslim Brotherhood
that hide behind religion to trade it and influence citizens
It’s the Iraqi Dawa party
How did this party get started and what danger does it present for the country?
After that Hassan al-Banna established the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
a group of clerics and people affected by the movement have moved to Iraq
to create an organization similar to the ideas and organization of el-Banna but with Shia leadership
In 1957, 8 members started the Dawa party
Mohammed Bakr al-Sadr was the most important figure
as it played an key role in the party leadership committee
to create a state of intellectual balance with the new currents in that time
and discussed ways to establish the Islamic government that is influenced by the picture and ideas of Iran
After a lot of crises that the party was lived
it moved to implement special military operations during the days of the First Gulf War
while its military wing was created in 1979 under the name of “The Wing of Jihad”
and it carried out trainings in Lebanon and Iran
During the Iran-Iraq war, Hezbollah fighters fought in the lines of Iranian forces
particularly after the creation of the “Martyr al-Sadr” camp in Ahwaz
that it could train 7,000 fighters to conduct operations inside Iraq
Thus, the party started to execute armed attacks
by attacking the British embassy in Baghdad in 1980
and leading the bombarding of the Al-Nasr cinema in central Baghdad in 1981
and also the bombarding of the Iraqi planning ministry building in 1982
and the radio and media building in 1983 and other terrorist operations
The murders were among the main objectives of the Military Commission
staring by the President Saddam Hussein
and the execution of assassinations outside the country in Lebanon and Kuwait
The conflict began between the Dawa party and the ruling regime
during the second government of Baath from 1968 to 2003
particularly in 1980, when Saddam Hussein’s regime carried out the death sentence against the party’s spiritual father
and its intellectual approach was developed by Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Sadr and his sister, the writer and Islamic activist Bint al-Huda
So, many members fled abroad, especially in Syria and Iran
and returning later to Baghdad after the overthrow of Saddam’s regime in 2003
and benefitting of the situation in the country, moving from an opposition party to a ruling and dominant party
and they functioned as the presidency of successive elected governments from 2006 to 2018
and they have ruled in government coalitions that include Shia political Islam
including, Ibrahim Al-Ashqar, “Al-Jaafari”, who led the post of elected prime minister in 2006
then Nouri al-Maliki, who held the post of Prime Minister, followed by Dr Haïder al-Abadi
and then the real face of the party is exposed
by the fact that its directors and executives were involved in major corruption operations
which changed the history of the party among the Iraqi people
The party also experienced many divisions due to organizational, ideological and political conflicts
besides of its tendency to sectarianism
and many citizens were assassinated with a sectarian aspect
Nouri al-Maliki also led sectarian policies
noting the suppression on peaceful protests that took place in Sunni provinces during the period 2011-2013
the party then passed the fact to create the project of the Islamic State, the goal of what it was found
and moved to submission to the US and Iran,
the sectarianism and corruption that destroyed Iraqi politics

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