The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quandary in the Sudanese War

Islamists in Sudan are returning to the forefront… under the watchful eye and ear of the army! It seems that the war that erupted in Sudan on April 15, 2023, has revived hopes within the Islamic movement to regain control of Sudan.

The following recording of a member of the Islamic movement in one of the groups on social media advises his brothers in the Islamic movement to overcome the weakness and fatigue they experienced due to the December revolution and urges them to “hold onto the book firmly”. They must reclaim their rights forcefully and violently, so that their values and their state are not hijacked as has happened over the past five years.

The speaker urged the “movement” to establish its offices and plans for its return. The spokesman said that there are no better qualified or more deserving individuals than them.

The speaker revealed many appointments of army elements in the government, especially in the state of Al-Jazirah, which will witness many changes.

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