The phenomenon of human dogs in Europe

A strange world that we know just a little about
A horrible phenomenon has spread in Europe, especially in Great Britain
where a number of men practice a life of dogs
Indeed, they wear latex and leather dog costumes
and they have relationships with human workers
Enthusiasts of this phenomenon say that it is not always
But they just want to live the dog life
The number of people involved in this phenomenon in Britain alone has reached 10,000 people
One of the adherents states that
dogs live incredibly comfortable lives
and they don’t need to go to work
or suffer for all types of humanitarian matters
Reports indicate that most adherents to this phenomenon
are those who experienced problems during their childhood
either bullying or lack of self-confidence
to look for a new life based on obedience
and thus they prefer to live the dog life
After their numbers increased, their existence became a reality
which push stores to sell special material for them
besides to the presence of trainers allows them to live like dogs
Don’t just that
these human dogs make barking competitions and European competition at continental level
and it would be named Mr. Europe for the best human dog
What do you think about this frightening phenomenon?

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